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Overfed digestion :iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 53 8
Mature content
Bad Timing :iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 56 1
Mature content
Soothing her Tummy troubles :iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 51 3
Car sick tummy
Everything had been fine until she had gotten into this car! She supressed a burp and cupped the underside of her slightly swollen belly. As her friends chatted and sang along to the radio, the swaying and bumping of the car journey had upset her delicate stomach and caused it to bubble and gurgle nauseously.
With great effort she silently forced down another burp, her poorly belly letting out an angry rumble of frustration. Refusing to expel her sickly tummy gas was begging to give her a tummyache on top of an upset stomach. However despite her belly's growing rumbly discomfort, she dared not burp in front of her friends, convinced that if she began to burp she would almost certainly throw up.
The car hit another small bump in the road and her stomach lurched. Still she fought back against the nausea, swallowing hard and lightly rubbing her troubled tummy to help it settle. She could feel how much her burbling tummy ache had bloated her belly. It rolled and bubbled against her hand de
:iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 68 3
Rumbling indigestion
The overfed tummy rested on the bed, heaving sickly. Nausea rumbled painfully in the heavy round belly, its turbulent contents threatening to rise back up. The owner of the achingly packed middle whimpered and ran her hands down the smooth bulging sides of her packed, straining stomach, trying to ease the tummyache bubbling nastily inside her.
Suddenly her stomach lurched and she braced herself, feeling the massive amount of food in her poor tummy shift and gurgle. Her belly grumbled and burbled dangerously and for a moment or two she thought she might throw up. Soon though, the sickness subsided a little, and her belly resumed it's usual rumbly gurgly torture. This wasn't just a run of the mill belly ache. Her stomach was in agony, desperately churning and cramping in an attempt to deal with the onslaught of rich food forced into it.
Tears rolled silently down her face as her acidic tummy juices rolled and bubbled violently, bloating her with gas and causing her belly to grow bigger s
:iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 102 8
Mature content
His burbling belly ache :iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 18 1
Mature content
Upset tummy ache :iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 88 3


Katrina Week 30 World Eater by DarkmasterN Katrina Week 30 World Eater :icondarkmastern:DarkmasterN 436 85 What's wrong? by Pervysage16 What's wrong? :iconpervysage16:Pervysage16 118 3
Breakfast Belly
The ear-piercing noise of the alarm clock sitting askew on your nightstand jolts you awake. Grudgingly, you roll around and stretch, muttering every curse word your tired mind can rustle up, and pound the OFF button on the top of the alarm. 
 For a Saturday, you are not in a happy mood.
 You sit up and let out a tremendous yawn, your hand gently grazing the grainy texture of your frizzy bed-head hair. Working overtime hadn't been the best idea on a Friday night, but it all paid off. This morning, you were going to eat like a goddamn queen.
 The sunlight of early morning cascades picturesquely through the open curtains of your Hampton Inn apartment, managing to stretch across the length of the tiny room. Your bed sits squarely in a tiny bedroom, with a small bathroom to its left and an open door leading to your kitchen and living quarters. A quaint place, but on your salary, it may as well be a palace.
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 44 17
New Year's Cheers
 You shut the door to your best friend Abby's bathroom behind you, blocking out the obnoxiously loud party music and flashing colored lights. All weekend, she had been excitedly hyping a New Year's Eve party with just her and "her gurls", and you had wholeheartedly expected a night of drinking and party games with a moderate but trusted group of friends.
 What you HADN'T been expecting were at least a hundred other college fraternity boys and sorority bitches to make an unscheduled appearance and transform what should have been a modest friendly gathering into the world's largest night rave. 
 Being rather shy around strangers and a bit socially awkward, you had been both surprised and alarmed at the sudden arrival of these guests, and were in no way willing to waste the last night of the year with these people. So, in a hasty (and hopefully unnoticed) retreat, you had snatched up a large bottle of champagne from the fridge and bolted to the third story bathroom, tr
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 30 0
The Easter Aftermath
 Emma sighed in momentary relief as the monstrous belch escaped her lips, savoring the fleeting moment of calm right before the pain of her bellyache returned in full force. Whatever joy the seemingly uneventful holiday had previously promised, had almost certainly been washed out and replaced by nausea and agony.
 "I'm gonna -" *HURP* "- throw up," she moaned quietly, clapping a pale, clammy hand over her cherry lips in a feeble attempt to imprison the sickness of overeating from finding its way out of her body. In response, her aching stomach shuddered and groaned like a hungry dog - except she and it both knew it was far from hungry.
 This was all her fault, wasn't it? Being nineteen, special events and holidays seemed to be glanced over and ignored without a second thought. Halloween was ignored. Thanksgiving was a hollow gathering crowned with dull "thank yous" and a slightly more flamboyant meal than norm
:iconzhermanzays:ZhermanZays 70 31
Mature content
Legend of Korra - Korra Gets Stuffed :iconwhooptydoop:WhooptyDoop 38 10
Indentured - Ch. 1
“‘ere you are - the miss’s afternoon snack,” the chatty young chef quipped, plopping a rather large tray of pastries onto the countertop. “Though I would ‘ardly call it zat.”
Delia pursed her lips, trying not to blush.  “Oh, I’m sure she doesn’t eat all of it...”
“Ah, but she does, mon chere! The platter comes back completely empty each day. If she keeps this up, she will eat ‘erself right out of ‘er dresses! And who will be at fault when she can not find a suitor? Zat is right, poor Colette will! What a cruel place zis is, zis New World...”
Delia felt the heat rising to her cheeks as she looked about anxiously for anyone who might have overheard the chef’s gossiping. “Uh, well, thank you Colette. See you later.”
The young maid refused to look Colette in the eyes as she hurried away, staring instead at the contents of the heavy platter. The cook was right - there was a lot o
:iconwhooptydoop:WhooptyDoop 236 29
Mature content
a lesson in gluttony :icondyspeptic-princess:dyspeptic-princess 5 1
Mature content
Dinner for Two | Stuffing/Inflation :iconnickbloom:NickBloom 126 7
Donuts | Ariana Grande Stuffing/Force Feeding
    Ariana frowned as she looked at the assortment of donuts on the table. They looked appetizing – downright delicious really. Jelly-filled donuts dredged in powdered sugar, a dribble of pink jam peeking from their sides. Boston cream donuts robed in a thick layer of chocolate icing. A tidy row of plain, their golden dough slick with glaze. Dark chocolate, whose rich scent betrayed gooey insides. A tiny little American flag waved from each donut. A nice touch, Ariana thought.
    Ariana gulped and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of her dressing room. She was wearing a high-waisted skirt and a crop top, tiny tummy flat and toned and her breasts pushed up into perky globes. She looked perfect, and to keep her perfect figure she needed to avoid these kinds of temptations.
    “The only donuts in the order were supposed to be chocolate glazed and plain glazed. I don’t eat dairy. Are these even v
:iconnickbloom:NickBloom 139 11
Early morning upset stomach
After a wonderful sleep the slow stirrings of wakefulness began to overcome my body. Yet in the midst of these peaceful stirrings was a sharp pain originating in my lower stomach that jolted me abruptly awake. I could feel the spicy chicken I'd eaten last night still sitting somewhere behind my lower ribs. What an awful feeling it was. I placed my hands on my belly which began to let out sickly watery gurgles travelling upwards. I rubbed my belly lightly trying to to sooth away the growing pain to no avail. I turned over onto my side looking for just a little more comfort. This new position seemed to set things in motion as a loud sickly gurgle travelled up my throat and spilled out in a roiling belch *braaauuurrrrrrrp* I felt only slightly relieved before another gurgle slid up, less forceful yet more sickly than the last *uuuurrrrp* this last burp brought on a powerful wave of nausea. I felt the mass below my ribs painfully begin to shift upwards as my bloated lower stomach roiled wi
:iconaquariluna:Aquariluna 3 0
The Fish and Chip Incident | Overwatch Vore
    Wiping her hands with a tea towel, Tracer smiled at the neat pile of dishes drying in her team’s temporary kitchen. Now that everything was tidy, she grabbed a spatula and prepared a generous serving of the food she’d just made. It was a peace offering of sorts - two large slabs of golden brown fish, slid onto a plate beside a nest of fries. There, Tracer thought with a little smirk. Perfect.
    Laying the plate down on a tray and placing a crisp napkin beside it, she held the fish and chips out in front of her as she headed over to Widowmaker, who was cleaning the scope of her rifle at the dining room table; so excited by her culinary feat, Tracer used her accelerator to reach the dining room in only a few seconds.
    “What do you want, Lena?” Widowmaker looked exasperated.
    “I brought you some food, love,” Tracer smiled.
    Widowmaker was wary. Though
:iconnickbloom:NickBloom 83 5
Kate and Lindsay Stuffing
    The two twenty two year olds, Kate and Lindsay both walked out of the buffet pleasantly satisfied with what their meals. It was just enough to fill them up for the journey ahead. They had been friends since their freshman year in college together when they shared a dorm room, and were still deciding what to do now that they’ve graduated.
    Their plans for the night were to meet with Kate’s mom who Lindsay hadn't yet met. Kate would always describe her as a little crazy since she and her dad got a divorce. Despite that, Lindsay was excited to meet her as she and Kate had been friends so long.
    Both of the girls had long brown hair they would wear untied. Lindsay was wearing blue jean shorts with a white v-neck t shirt which was a little too small for her. Kate wore light blue sports shorts and a pink tank top. Both outfits fit them comfortably, and it felt good to have the summer air against their arms and
:iconnatlux:NatLux 150 4
Mature content
Customer Service :iconfudgepops:Fudgepops 122 18
Bad Belly Bug
I woke up this morning with a strange feeling in my belly. It let out a strange gurgle and felt like it was sloshing all around. I placed my hand on it as it churned. "Urrrp" I burpedal a little bit to try and calm my tummy. Maybe it was just gas? I continued to rub it until it was a full on upset tummy. "Oooh..." I cradled my belly with one hand while rubbing it with the other one. It wasnt empty, but felt like dinner hadn't digested the night before.
I walked to the kitchen and grabbed myseld a sleeve of saltines and a ginger ale. Maybe that would settle my tummy.
I took a few nibbles of a saltine, which made my stomach gurgle and churn, so I sipped om the ginger ale. "Urrrp" a sick sounding burp rose from the depths of my turbulent tummy. The belly upset I had wasn't getting any better.
"Oooh... my belly... what did I eat yesterday?" I rubbed it in circles, and it showed no sign of giving up. Did I eat something bad? Was my belly getting a bug? All I knew is the nausea was rising wi
:iconchurning-lotus:churning-lotus 18 2
Mature content
The Tummyknockers :iconfudgepops:Fudgepops 31 3


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Her stomach was enormous and alarmingly firm. What was once "food" had been compacted into a giant solid mass that had become what was now a bad tummy ache, that caused her belly to glorp and grumble in pain.

It was incredibly round - large enough to reach her knees, and it stretched her shirt so tightly that her deep rounded navel was clearly visible through the fabric.

Suddenly the tummy groaned deeply causing her to wince and gasp.
"Oh god! I can feel my food moving inside.  Hurlp...tummy's getting.....orrrp....queasy"

You lifted her shirt up to her breasts to reveal the huge overripe gut before you. The skin was perfectly smooth and soft as you ran your hands cautiously over the gargantuan swell. Then you saw it happen for yourself. A loud groan followed by visible gurgling movement in her upper belly as her stomach feebly attempted to churn the stale mass within. With one hand pressed against the side of the round belly, you brought the other upward to rest gently over her shifting upper belly, closing your eyes and releasing a soft moan as you felt the packed, upset organ squirming and bulging beneath your touch. Warbling moans of digestion burbled from the swollen sac as her exhausted stomach turned unhappily.

Above you, your lover whimpers and belches wetly "why did I eat so stomach is so heavy and big. *rumble*  I don't think I can digest it all. This food has just been sitting in my belly for two days, churning over and over itself. I'm going to be sick at this rate...oooooh...urlp..horlp...*gurgle*my poor tummy aches"

Your mind is too numb to offer any words of comfort, the sight and feel of her indigestion arousing you beyond reason. You instead use your wandering hands to sooth the quaking sphere through multiple dry heaves that cause her belly to rumble and roil anxiously...

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She had been planning this evening for months now. She finally had the house to herself for two nights since her boyfriend was attending a friends wedding, and her pay cheque had come through too! Finally she had the chance to indulge in one of her favourite fantasies. She had decided to stuff herself stupid. She wanted cram her poor belly full of food until it was a solid indigestible mass churning painfully and endlessly within her. She wanted spend hours tending to a huge taut belly and feel the heavy food turning and grumbling inside it. And now was her chance.
That morning she woke up early to prepare. She had noticed her tummy was a tad bloated when she stepped into the shower - it curved outwards a hint more than usual and bubbled strangely for a moment. She frowned and cupped it gently, rubbing it back and forth until the bubbling sensation dissipated. She concluded that it was simply a little gassy and probably quite hungry - so she smiled thinking of the day ahead and continued her shower.

Next she made herself a large breakfast to kick off her day of binging. She enthusiastically scarfed down two plates of pancakes with greasy bacon, sausage and maple syrup. She followed that up with egg on toast and a big bowl of cereal washed down with a big mug of coffee. She felt comfortably full after this and decided she was ready to head to the super market.

As she was fastening her seatbelt she paused a minute to rub her full tummy. It was a little swollen and the bubbling feeling had crept back. It wasn't painful in anyway - but somehow it made her uneasy. She leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes as she held her belly, feeling it burble softly. Just as she began to grow slightly concerned a wet belch rose up from deep inside her full bubbling tum. It was an unpleasant sensation, but thankfully as soon as it happened the sickly murmurings of her gut seemed to calm down right away. Satisfied that she had released the gas troubling her tummy, she set off for the store.

Later, she arrived back home laden with bags and bags full of food for her stuffing session, as well as macdonalds to keep her topped up over lunchtime. She ate this more slowly than her breakfast to keep her belly happy, which seemed to work out well.

Evening could not come fast enough however. At five she couldn't wait any longer and began frying up the multiple burgers she had bought. She topped each one with cheese and more greasy bacon and settled down to eat. She began slowly but eventually she picked up the pace. She could feel her already full belly growing heavier by the minute. Next she started on the meat pizza she had chosen. This was also greasy and smothered in different kinds of cheese. By the time she had packed it away her belly was full and churning. It ached a little so she took a moment to massage her bulging sides. She didn't want more food, but she knew she would have to eat a little more to get the grumbly tummyache she was aiming for.

Once she had caught her breath, she headed to the kitchen once more to retrieve the tray of fries from the oven and the bottle of Pepsi from the fridge. Her belly gurgled angrily from all the grease as she walked. She sat down again, and attacked the fries, wolfing them down as fast as she could before her tummy could protest. She then downed a quarter of the Pepsi and laid back, her face contorted with discomfort.

Her tummy was cramping around the heavy meal she had forced into it. She had reached her goal. Her belly was no longer gurgling and glorping with digestion. Instead it strained to churn the massive meal, unable to break up the solid weight of it all. All the bread, cheese and meat sat painfully stagnant like a brick in her tummy. In addition to this, her stomach was enormous. It balooned outwards, round and tight, shuddering anxiously in her lap. She moaned as her stomach clenched and cramped uselessly around her meal, rubbing the top of her gut where she could feel the abused organ convulsing and spasming desperately.

She hadn't expected to hit her target this soon. She had expected it would take more than this to challenge her belly. In fact there were two dessert courses still to go. Just as she was considering this fact, her belly let out a deep mournful groan. "ooh" she moaned, presseing a hand to her packed midsection. The low sound of indigestive anguish from the distended orb in her lap caused wetness to form between her thighs. She had to finish this properly.

Cradling her grossly swollen stomach with both arms, she waddled carefully to the kitchen, each step sending waves of pain through her engorged middle. When she returned to the sofa, she had with her a whole chocolate cake and a large tub of vanilla ice cream. The stomach groaned again, louder and more painfully than ever, quaking her whole tummy sickeningly. She sobbed from the pain and rubbed her belly tentatively, waiting for it to settle somewhat. Finally she took a deep breath and started on the desserts.

Upon taking the last spoonful of cake and icecream, something abruptly changed in her belly. Almost as though it had finally realised it could not cope with the thick wad of food forced inside of it. For the first time in a while, there was a loud, liquidy gurgle from her stomach, and she watched in shock as her already huge belly began to swell even more than before. In order to cope with such a large amount of food, extra stomach acids began pooling inside the stretched organ to break up and disolve the excessive meal. By this point the full, grumblng belly reached her knees, and she desperaely cooed and stroked it lovingly in an attempt to calm down the worsening tummy ache.

After a few more minutes her stomach rumbled and churned and she gasped and the impossible ammount of food shifted painfully beneath her soothing hands. Her belly hurt so much, but she couldnt help but enjoy the way her belly had expanded to accomodate the huge rumbling tummyache she had forced upon it.

She lay on the sofa like this for a couple of hours, whimpering and gasping as the contents of her overfed tummy roiled and turned inside her. She could feel her poor belly grumbling and churning under her hands, and groaning with pent up gas due to indigestion. Just then she felt a different sensation momentarily take hold of the overtaxed tummy, something entirely seperate from the mechanical churning and pulsing of her digestion. The bubbling feeling she had ignored all day was beggining to return to haunt her.

She sat up slowly, and looked down at the full, gurgling orb in frustration. Again her tummy bubbled worryingly, acompanied by anther indigestive rumble. She gripped it firmly, in an attempt to dampen the heavy churning movements of her heaving gut. Still her belly burbled, followed by a deep, sick sounding burp.

"Oh god...whats happening to my *hurlp* my tummy" she gasped in panic, as her big belly lurched noisily, "I'm starting to feel sick! ooooh"

Her face paled, tinged slightly green as her shifting belly continued its disobediant murmurrings. Her attempts to keep her belly's turbulent contents inside her were suddenly interrupted by a call on her cellphone. She checked caller ID. It was her boyfriend.

"Hic...hello" she answered queasily.
"Hey baby..." He replied, sounding off.
"What's up?"
"I...I didn't go to the wedding baby. I'm in a hotel room right now...I got sick, apparently there's stomach flu going around at work" He replied, sounding miserable.
"Oh god...I think I've got it too...ooooh" She replied, moaning as her own belly let out a queasy gurgle.
"I'm so sorry baby. Will you be alright for one night? I should be over the worst of it now and be home tomorrow?"
"I'll be ok till then, baby" she lied "Hope you feel better soon too"
"Thanks baby, call me if you need anything ok?"
"Will do" She mumbled, hanging up.

"Oh god...Urp" So she had the stomach flu, and it was coming on with a vengence. She felt so stupid. "I should never have stuffed myself so much on an upset tummy" she whined, as the nausea continued to build in her belly.

Her belly was still inimaginably full. The heavy bulky weight in her overfed stomach adding to the sickened feeling brewing inside the distended bubbling sac that lurched and rumbled on her lap. She swallowed hard, and gazed down at the poorly tummy she had abused regretfully. She could see the tummy ache raging inside her, the surface of her poorly belly lightly shifting with the surplus of food she foolishly packed away. Her rebeliious tummy continued to send up deep wet belches, each one making her feel more and more sick. She knew she couldn't keep it all down forever.

"ooh..tummyache... my poor tummy...uuuuuuuuuurlp oh god!My stomach is upset...hic..ugh...too full...HURLP oooooh sick tummy!"


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